Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Two bits!

Actually, I only have one bit I use really, it's a loose ring JP snaffle bit.

What I'm talking about is "shave and a haircut, two bits".

I overheard Lennie and mom talking... tonight is the night, I am getting clipped! I hope my friends won't make fun of me, but my friend Everett is clipped and he looks great, so we'll see. I just get so hot when I'm riding under the heaters that I sweat so much. I am afraid of the blow dryer and will slip out of my halter and leave, that thing is hot and noisy! The sound of hair dryers makes my mom nauseous anyway, so she is happier not to have to use them if she can help it (humans are so odd!). If you can guess what color I will be underneith my winter hair, I will present you with an award you can place on your blog. Entries will close tomorrow and a photo of my nekkedness will be posted, and the award will be made for you separately.

It's been raining here and I'm a little bit soggy, and my Weatherbeeta blanket is getting very ripe, so I hope my Pessoa blanket is back from the mender (I couldn't help it, I just had to break it) today so I can wear something clean. I don't know how Gracie keeps her's from smelling so bad, but girls are like that I guess.

Let me leave you with some inspiration for the day.

May your mane always be tidy
May your hooves always be swift
May you leave room in the horse trailer
So your mom doesn't have to use the Biff

May you build a ladder to the loft
And up there you shall stay
And while you are up there
Please throw me down some hay

Always try to be good
Never step on anybody's feet
Always look your cutest
You'll be rewarded with a treat!

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