Monday, February 2, 2009

It's me!

I heard I had a lot of fans out there in cyber-space, so with a little help from my boss, Jack, I decided to write this blog. I'm just a kid, so he helps me with the computer and spelling. I have to share my food with him, but I don't mind. I like the girls carrying the food more than the food anyway, I love when they touch me even though Lennie sometimes calls me a little slit... whatever that means, I know she loves me.

The girl in the purple is my mom. She is great because she is always nice to me and talks to me a lot. She also does tricks for me and does dances for me, and sings me songs. My favorite song:

Fluffy horse, fluffy horse
Why do you fluff so much
Fuzzy horse, fuzzy horse
You need a haircut

Isn't she goofy?

Anyway, more about me. I'm a 5 year old quarter horse, I'll be 6 in April! I was born in Rogers Minnesota. My mom's name is Lucky, but that lucky mama got to move to Texas! I'll bet she's not in minus zero windchill! I wouldn't be so cold if I didn't break my heavy blanket last week, it will be fixed by tomorrow though... phew.

When I was 3 I went to this guy's house named Pickles. He isn't green or smelly, but they call him Pickles anyway, people are so mysterious. He taught me how to go on trail rides, which is the funnest thing a little horse like me could do! Sometimes he would tie me up by mistake and then laugh at me when I untied myself to go do what I want. Surely, he didn't mean to keep me confined, I was just fixing his mistakes. Silly human!

Two years ago I moved to my current residence, it's a nice farm with lots of friends. My best friend right now is Jake, he's a year younger than me so I can push him around. He listens to me! My full time job is also to annoy my sister Gracie, she hates when I stand so close to her, but I do anyway, I think she is pretty and smells nice so I always do that. Also, that way mom can't come in and get her without getting past me.

Please leave me a message!


  1. Hey chip, its nice to see that you have your own blog now. I hope I can come see you and your mom again soon.

  2. nice to see you guys too! Sandra, if you have a pretty mare you should have her leave me a message :)

    Devin, you should come see me Friday night, rumor has it Mom is going to ride me again, she said something about a broken butt and hasn't ridden me in almost 3 months, I hope I didn't do that....

  3. Hey there Chipster!! Your sister Gracie got to come and have fun at my house last summer. Maybe this summer you can come over. Mr T will take you on a super fun trail ride. Do you like steep hills and narrow trails? Your mom will-watch your knees!! Whadayasay??

  4. Oh yes Susan, I would very much like to come spend time with Mr T! I am an ATV, I like all terrains to go riding on, I can even bulldoze through things! Hills are okay, as long as they aren't slippery :) I can't wait!! Why didn't mom tell me of this magical place and this mystical Mr T you speak of.