Monday, February 16, 2009

My mission

My mission this weekend was to ease my mom's mind, she's a worrywart but I am not! Humans are silly with their worries.

Thursday night I got to go for a ride. I tried my hardest but I really wanted to run and buck, it's been so icy out that I've only been able to stand around playing bitey face (okay, so maybe that's how I got my owie). Everything is slippery and I can't run!

Well, Mom got on me on Thursday and I got very excited thinking we could go for a run, she didn't want to run with me I guess and got off and put the lunge line on me and I decided I would run and buck alone. At first I got really mad that the stirrups were hitting me, those things tickle!! But after mom ran them up, I at least calmed down a little. My adrenalin got pumping though and I did some bucking and levitating. Oh it is so much fun to levitate on the lunge line... like flying a kite!

Anyway, when I was done mom got on me and we walked and trotted around. She didn't want to run at all, I wonder why? Well, it's okay, I was happy to give her a ride, since I got my haircut I don't get so sweaty.

I will post a picture of my new haircut soon, mom has still been too upset with things to do much, and then she spend time with that Devin guy on Friday and Saturday. I am worried she might like him more than me, so I bit her when he came with on Thursday... but she has assured me that she could never like anyone more than me, and I hope she's right. I need to be everyone's favorite... all of the time.

Here is a picture of me from last fall, that Devin guy took it. He always has a camera in hand!

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  1. I saw that you have started following my blog and then found you also on Melissa's. I read your comment about you being on the autism spectrum and was wondering what your diagnosis was. We are new to my son's autism and I would love to hear your story. Thanks so much!