Tuesday, February 24, 2009


My mom thinks I am silly, but I think that she is silly.

I got excited when she got on (who wouldn't? it's so exciting to ride!) and she told everyone around us to be careful coming up behind me, because I'm silly. I think she is silly! I think I can handle another horse next to me, in fact, I am a horse and I am a herd animal.

It was fun last night because my buddy Everett was riding with us, and I like him! He now has a saddle just like mine, so we match, we're twins, he is maybe a little bigger than me, with a longer banana, but other than that, we are a lot alike.

I am trying to get over my biting habit, but it's so hard. When horses play, we bite at each other, the humans don't like this at all. When I bite mom she makes this delightful squealing noise and taps me on my nose, it's so much fun to get this rise out of her. Humans are so silly.

Monday, February 16, 2009

My mission

My mission this weekend was to ease my mom's mind, she's a worrywart but I am not! Humans are silly with their worries.

Thursday night I got to go for a ride. I tried my hardest but I really wanted to run and buck, it's been so icy out that I've only been able to stand around playing bitey face (okay, so maybe that's how I got my owie). Everything is slippery and I can't run!

Well, Mom got on me on Thursday and I got very excited thinking we could go for a run, she didn't want to run with me I guess and got off and put the lunge line on me and I decided I would run and buck alone. At first I got really mad that the stirrups were hitting me, those things tickle!! But after mom ran them up, I at least calmed down a little. My adrenalin got pumping though and I did some bucking and levitating. Oh it is so much fun to levitate on the lunge line... like flying a kite!

Anyway, when I was done mom got on me and we walked and trotted around. She didn't want to run at all, I wonder why? Well, it's okay, I was happy to give her a ride, since I got my haircut I don't get so sweaty.

I will post a picture of my new haircut soon, mom has still been too upset with things to do much, and then she spend time with that Devin guy on Friday and Saturday. I am worried she might like him more than me, so I bit her when he came with on Thursday... but she has assured me that she could never like anyone more than me, and I hope she's right. I need to be everyone's favorite... all of the time.

Here is a picture of me from last fall, that Devin guy took it. He always has a camera in hand!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


I have an owie on my lip, so I will post pictures later. I did get my hair cut, and I must say I look quite dapper, it is good I got my gray blanket back too, phew, that purple one is embarassing!!

My mom is in turmoil right now, if you can spare some good thoughts for her and my lip, I would be forever grateful.


Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Two bits!

Actually, I only have one bit I use really, it's a loose ring JP snaffle bit.

What I'm talking about is "shave and a haircut, two bits".

I overheard Lennie and mom talking... tonight is the night, I am getting clipped! I hope my friends won't make fun of me, but my friend Everett is clipped and he looks great, so we'll see. I just get so hot when I'm riding under the heaters that I sweat so much. I am afraid of the blow dryer and will slip out of my halter and leave, that thing is hot and noisy! The sound of hair dryers makes my mom nauseous anyway, so she is happier not to have to use them if she can help it (humans are so odd!). If you can guess what color I will be underneith my winter hair, I will present you with an award you can place on your blog. Entries will close tomorrow and a photo of my nekkedness will be posted, and the award will be made for you separately.

It's been raining here and I'm a little bit soggy, and my Weatherbeeta blanket is getting very ripe, so I hope my Pessoa blanket is back from the mender (I couldn't help it, I just had to break it) today so I can wear something clean. I don't know how Gracie keeps her's from smelling so bad, but girls are like that I guess.

Let me leave you with some inspiration for the day.

May your mane always be tidy
May your hooves always be swift
May you leave room in the horse trailer
So your mom doesn't have to use the Biff

May you build a ladder to the loft
And up there you shall stay
And while you are up there
Please throw me down some hay

Always try to be good
Never step on anybody's feet
Always look your cutest
You'll be rewarded with a treat!

Monday, February 9, 2009

My weekend

This weekend my mom and me became one again. She rode me!

Now, this is a big deal, because last time she rode me 3 months ago, my neck hurt so I sort of lost my cool and went crazy, mama went flying and broke her butt. I didn't mean it, I just reacted without thinking.

My mama can be a fragile thing, so I decided I must take care of her. I behaved perfectly, even though Mira was running around and banging into the wall. Lennie was there and told my mom just to get on and ride as if nothing had ever happened and we had the perfect ride yesterday. She was a little apprehensive at first, I could tell, but she rode off my back with long reins so I could show off my hunter pony movement, everyone at the hunter shows tell me how cute I am, and I love that.

The rest of the weekend was great, the sun was warm and I love the sun on my back. I went and played in the burrs too, which is a lot of fun. I do it all the time but I can't hide the fact that I did, the proof sticks in my mane and tail! Then I have to stand in the cross-ties and while mom picks them out, she could just leave them there, I consider it my own personal style.

We got some video of our ride I will put up soon, mom likes to bring along her video camera and I love to watch myself on video.

Friday, February 6, 2009

A few of my favorite things


dogs! (especially this one, Bullet)

my mama and Pic!

eating everything I can get my mouth

chasing cows is fun too!

my ears!



water complexes



getting painted :)

riding nekkid!

trail riding

my mama!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

My friend Nicole

“When it hurts to look back, and you're scared to look ahead, you can look beside you and your best friend will be there”

Please visit Nicole's blog to read her story and keep her in your thoughts and prayers http://nicolescancer.blogspot.com/
Nicole is one of my best friends in the whole world. She loves me and always takes time for me. She works at the barn when she feels good and is one of my favorite people!
Last summer, we took a ride! Mom rode Gracie, Lennie rode Nemo, and Nicole got to ride me. This was fantastic! She let me eat grass whenever I wanted and just laughed at my antics rather than getting upset or stopping me. She hadn't ridden in a long time so I knew I had to take care of her. Besides, she takes such good care of me, I had to return the favor!
My favorite part is when we cantered and she laughed. I want her to come see me soon, and ride me when she feels like it, I will have to try to be on my best behavior. <3

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Mom has a twin!

I’m serious!

Okay, well, a few weeks ago I was playing in the indoor arena when it was too cold to run outside. I noticed a window for the first time, it’s above my head when I’m close to it, but when I’m far away, I can see! There’s another horse in it and he does whatever I do, he is so cool! I admire him a lot.

But last night… you’ll never guess, he has a mom that looks like my mom's twin. I couldn’t believe it. She brought me in to roll but I didn’t want to, I wanted her to rub my belly so I could bit her butt. Then I saw him… with… her! Mom’s twin! And he was trying to bite her butt too. I looked back and forth between them for a while, I just couldn’t believe my eyes. I wanted to see if this other mom tasted as good as mine, but when we went up to the window, I couldn’t get my head high enough to see. I guess I will never know L

We went back to the barn and mom said I have to learn to do things called carrot stretches, they are both good and stupid. Good, because there are carrots involved! Stupid because, I only get them if I do a weird contortion thing with my body, if I just turn around (the logical thing to do) Mom puts my butt against a wall. Hmph. The good thing about carrot stretches though is that when I put my nose on my left hip, my neck cracked 10 times very fast, I felt so good and wild after that! It was almost like having Dr. Audrey there, she is one of my most favorite people in the whole world, she makes me feel better by grabbing my withers and moving them around.

When I went back out I walked over to Fantasia and my mom started singing “Chippy and Tasia sitting in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g” but it’s not true, she is not my girlfriend, I just like how wooly she looks in her winter fur… but you know, she pins her ears when I stand too close. Mares!

Monday, February 2, 2009

The frigid... fridge!

We are in a fridge! It's true! So says Jake, but he knows what he's talking about, he's super smart. Gracie just stands like a statue with her butt to the wind, she's a smart horse.

My mom was going to come ride tonight, but I heard her talking to Lennie saying she was wussy and would be staying inside tonight. I would have liked the treats, but having a night off is cool too, usually I then just play Bitey Face with Jake and Indy, and sniff poop on the ground. Poopsicles!

I wanted to take this cold night to tell you a little bit about my favorite things:

Stud Muffins- BEST.TREAT.EVER so delicious. You have to look at your human just right to get one of these, they are beyond good, I can eat a whole bag at once!

The Brush Box- As the officla BBI (Brush Box Inspector) I have to make sure everything is in working order when the brush box is out. Sometimes the gloves or jelly scrubbers are in the wrong place, this is BAD, and I have to move them promptly. If I don't, the whole system as we know it could collapse.

Hay- My favorite food, really. No grass, wait... hay, right now, grass in the spring. When we go to shows I would rather have hay than carrots, I have to keep myself in peak physical condition, which includes lots and lots of hay.

People- People are wonderful! They put their hands on me and feed me things sometimes. I especially love standing in front of the gate when they are trying to get another horse out, People appreciate this act, as do the other horses.

Annoying Lennie- Lennie makes very loud noises when I annoy her, and I'm so good at it. I like to buck after the jumps, or take the hose off its reel. I also like to follow her closely when she is feeding grain to my friends so that I can touch her at all times, and stick my head in her bucket. What is really fun is rolling in her saddle or chewing on her reins!

Delilah (RIP dear friend)- D was the love of my life, never did I see a mare as pretty as she was. There are a lot of pretty mares, but none gave me the time of day, Delilah always sang to me with her sweet, low nicker. I loved to stare at her in the cross ties and ride with her in the arena, those ears, oh those ears... never will I love a mare the way I loved that one. Gracie helped take care of D's mom after D died, and now D has a little brother named Tino, he is not much older than me and I think he will be a nice guy to hang out with too.

It's me!

I heard I had a lot of fans out there in cyber-space, so with a little help from my boss, Jack, I decided to write this blog. I'm just a kid, so he helps me with the computer and spelling. I have to share my food with him, but I don't mind. I like the girls carrying the food more than the food anyway, I love when they touch me even though Lennie sometimes calls me a little slit... whatever that means, I know she loves me.

The girl in the purple is my mom. She is great because she is always nice to me and talks to me a lot. She also does tricks for me and does dances for me, and sings me songs. My favorite song:

Fluffy horse, fluffy horse
Why do you fluff so much
Fuzzy horse, fuzzy horse
You need a haircut

Isn't she goofy?

Anyway, more about me. I'm a 5 year old quarter horse, I'll be 6 in April! I was born in Rogers Minnesota. My mom's name is Lucky, but that lucky mama got to move to Texas! I'll bet she's not in minus zero windchill! I wouldn't be so cold if I didn't break my heavy blanket last week, it will be fixed by tomorrow though... phew.

When I was 3 I went to this guy's house named Pickles. He isn't green or smelly, but they call him Pickles anyway, people are so mysterious. He taught me how to go on trail rides, which is the funnest thing a little horse like me could do! Sometimes he would tie me up by mistake and then laugh at me when I untied myself to go do what I want. Surely, he didn't mean to keep me confined, I was just fixing his mistakes. Silly human!

Two years ago I moved to my current residence, it's a nice farm with lots of friends. My best friend right now is Jake, he's a year younger than me so I can push him around. He listens to me! My full time job is also to annoy my sister Gracie, she hates when I stand so close to her, but I do anyway, I think she is pretty and smells nice so I always do that. Also, that way mom can't come in and get her without getting past me.

Please leave me a message!