Monday, February 2, 2009

The frigid... fridge!

We are in a fridge! It's true! So says Jake, but he knows what he's talking about, he's super smart. Gracie just stands like a statue with her butt to the wind, she's a smart horse.

My mom was going to come ride tonight, but I heard her talking to Lennie saying she was wussy and would be staying inside tonight. I would have liked the treats, but having a night off is cool too, usually I then just play Bitey Face with Jake and Indy, and sniff poop on the ground. Poopsicles!

I wanted to take this cold night to tell you a little bit about my favorite things:

Stud Muffins- BEST.TREAT.EVER so delicious. You have to look at your human just right to get one of these, they are beyond good, I can eat a whole bag at once!

The Brush Box- As the officla BBI (Brush Box Inspector) I have to make sure everything is in working order when the brush box is out. Sometimes the gloves or jelly scrubbers are in the wrong place, this is BAD, and I have to move them promptly. If I don't, the whole system as we know it could collapse.

Hay- My favorite food, really. No grass, wait... hay, right now, grass in the spring. When we go to shows I would rather have hay than carrots, I have to keep myself in peak physical condition, which includes lots and lots of hay.

People- People are wonderful! They put their hands on me and feed me things sometimes. I especially love standing in front of the gate when they are trying to get another horse out, People appreciate this act, as do the other horses.

Annoying Lennie- Lennie makes very loud noises when I annoy her, and I'm so good at it. I like to buck after the jumps, or take the hose off its reel. I also like to follow her closely when she is feeding grain to my friends so that I can touch her at all times, and stick my head in her bucket. What is really fun is rolling in her saddle or chewing on her reins!

Delilah (RIP dear friend)- D was the love of my life, never did I see a mare as pretty as she was. There are a lot of pretty mares, but none gave me the time of day, Delilah always sang to me with her sweet, low nicker. I loved to stare at her in the cross ties and ride with her in the arena, those ears, oh those ears... never will I love a mare the way I loved that one. Gracie helped take care of D's mom after D died, and now D has a little brother named Tino, he is not much older than me and I think he will be a nice guy to hang out with too.


  1. So Chip, I hear your mom is going to learn how to clean stalls bedded in straw. That's a real bummer! I know how to clean straw and it's not great. Tell your mom I feel for her.

    I hope it warms up soon so you can have your other favorite food, grass.

  2. Hi Sandra!! It is a bummer, and from what I heard straw looks like hay, but is not eatable.. not fair :(

    Remember when you came to ride me? We had so much fun, I love when all my friends are in one place at one time, it makes looking out for them so much easier