Monday, February 9, 2009

My weekend

This weekend my mom and me became one again. She rode me!

Now, this is a big deal, because last time she rode me 3 months ago, my neck hurt so I sort of lost my cool and went crazy, mama went flying and broke her butt. I didn't mean it, I just reacted without thinking.

My mama can be a fragile thing, so I decided I must take care of her. I behaved perfectly, even though Mira was running around and banging into the wall. Lennie was there and told my mom just to get on and ride as if nothing had ever happened and we had the perfect ride yesterday. She was a little apprehensive at first, I could tell, but she rode off my back with long reins so I could show off my hunter pony movement, everyone at the hunter shows tell me how cute I am, and I love that.

The rest of the weekend was great, the sun was warm and I love the sun on my back. I went and played in the burrs too, which is a lot of fun. I do it all the time but I can't hide the fact that I did, the proof sticks in my mane and tail! Then I have to stand in the cross-ties and while mom picks them out, she could just leave them there, I consider it my own personal style.

We got some video of our ride I will put up soon, mom likes to bring along her video camera and I love to watch myself on video.


  1. You ARE cute, Chippy! I'm glad you had fun. One of these days, you and I are going to ride bareback and have tons of fun. My doctor has to tell me it's okay first. Stay out of those burrs! We have such a hard time getting them off of you, and they can get in your eyes and hurt a lot! Just ask Fantasia.

  2. You get that okay, little lady, and come on out! I promise I will be on my best behavior for you! smooches to yous!